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VoltLink CP2102N USB Serial Adapter

VoltLink CP2102N USB Serial Adapter

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I have partnered with VoltLog to stock the incredible VoltLink TTL adapter in my store. VoltLink features a Silabs CP2102N USB to serial converter chip sourced from a reputable distributor ensuring the highest performance and reliability. The chip is capable of up to 3M baud rated which translates to faster upload speeds for those oversized binary images that we are dealing with when programming a modern SoC like the ESP32. The 500mA onboard voltage regulator can power any ESP with ease while flashing and during initial setup.

VoltLink features auto-reset circuitry for the ESP32 by automatically switching the EN and IO0 signals in the correct sequence to enter bootloader mode. You just hit "Upload" in your IDE and the board takes care of the rest. You don't have to mess around with manually pressing a reset switch.

The Shelly Adapter and cable are included.

You can learn more about VoltLink on Florin's Tindie page.

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