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Wantmoore's LEDeez

LEDeez (12V/24V)

LEDeez (12V/24V)

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Add Header Pins

Note that with v1.2 and later, header pins are no longer being assembled at the factory, but I am happy to send some with your order - just add the option and I'll include some in your order for DIY assembly.

LEDeez v1.2 is an ESP32-WROOM-32E based addressable LED controller. The board is designed for 12V or 24V input to control addressable LEDs such as the WS28xx & SK6812 LEDs. An onboard button connected to GPIO 0 makes turning LEDs on/off in WLED super convenient. There is a quad-channel Texas Instruments SN74AHCT125 level-shifter onboard with four GPIOs available to drive LED data channels (two via the output terminals and two additional you can add header pins for). There is a LOT of additional power and GPIO available for whatever you can dream up.

For a sample wiring config, check out the LEDeez page on

Software: WLED 0.13.3 pre-installed
Connectors: Standard 5.08mm terminal blocks
Board dimensions: 80mm x 40mm
What's Included: LEDeez v1.3, 1x 10cm JST SH 6P pigtail

LED strings not included.


v1.3 - 2023-04-21
Schottky diode added to buck converter input to prevent reverse polarity from releasing the magic smoke.
Flashing connector updated to be 100% VoltLink-compatible.

v1.2 - 2022-11-20
Replaced flashing pins with JST SH1.0 6P.
Header pins no longer added at the factory - holes are still available for them. 

v1.1 - 2022-10-19
Outputs are now independently fused
No longer offering the choice of connector style
Increased area of copper pours between VIN and fuse inputs (MORE POWER!)

v1.0 - Original Release

Disclaimer: While I have made every effort to test the device, this is very much a hobby-grade project. Some additional assembly or tinkering may be required to add additional accessories or achieve your expected results. I cannot be responsible for troubleshooting or replacing boards used incorrectly.

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