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Wantmoore's LEDeez

Ready-to-Run LEDeez

Ready-to-Run LEDeez

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The Ready-to-Run LEDeez is 100% ready to go. Just unbox it, place it outside and plug in your xConnect compatible pixels.

LEDeez v1.4 is an ESP32-WROOM-32E based addressable LED controller. The board is designed for 12V or 24V input to control addressable LEDs such as the WS28xx & SK6812 LEDs. An onboard button connected to GPIO 0 makes turning LEDs on/off in WLED super convenient. There is a quad-channel Texas Instruments SN74AHCT125 level-shifter onboard with four GPIOs available to drive LED data channels (two via the output terminals and two additional you can add header pins for). There is plenty of additional power and GPIO available for whatever you can dream up.

Software: WLED 0.14b6 pre-installed

Connectors: 2x xConnect Pigtail with Labels

What's Included: Multilink RNI-1500 Enclosure with WiredWatts Kulp Mounting Plate, Mean Well LRS-350-12 Power Supply, AC Power Cord, 2x xConnect Pigtail outputs and  LEDeez v1.4.

Disclaimer: While I have made every effort to test the device, this is very much a hobby-grade project. Some additional assembly or tinkering may be required to add additional accessories or achieve your expected results. I cannot be responsible for troubleshooting or replacing boards used incorrectly.

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